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Prank Vedio: Problems and solutions

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আমার সিলেট ২৪.কম
Prank Vedio: Problems and solutions,11 january,Juman Hussan:Prank Vedio is a vary popular term especially for young generation of this modern age. According to Cambridge Dictionary Prank refers to “a trick that is interned to be funny but not to be cause harm or damage”. Oxford Dictionary defines prank as a “Play a trick or practical joke on (someone)”. It is clear that the main intention of prank should be to entrainment without creating any problems. Now a days prank Vedio creates some adverse effects on our sociocultural life. I will try to find out major problems and solutions of this issue.
1. It creates bad habits of laying especially for young generation.
2. Personal conflict is a common outcomes of prank vedio.
3. Personality crisis also created by bad prank .
4. Most of the time there are no moral education of prank.
5. It open the secret issue that negatively impact on society.
6. Recently suicide occurred due to this reason.
7. It teach bad language especially for children.
8. It natively effects on social values.
9. Sometimes people are emotionally harassed by it.
10. Sometimes it creates adverse effects on confidence level.
1. Prank should be informative.
2.Bad language Strictly prohibited.
3. Social and moral issue should be considered.
4. Entertain people without harm or damage.
5. Personal and emotional issue should be avoided.

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